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The Periodicals section of libraries deanship is established to provide the users with primary sources of information in order to facilitate teaching and research.


The strives to fulfill the mission of educating the PAAET community through selection, organization and providing access of current periodicals and journals.


1. Develop policy for periodicals section to act a guide on selection and acquisition.
2. The next primary objective of the periodicals section is providing primary sources of information for its users such as journals, local and foreign magazines, news papers and periodicals.
3. Another objective is maintaining the library's active subscriptions through selection of appropriate and relevant journals/periodicals.
4. To make the library's periodicals available for use by PAAET faculty, staff and students through the electronically of journals and periodicals.
5. To facilitate use of periodicals in PAAET Libraries by maintaining good order and convenient arrangement in the periodicals collections.


The following are the services provided at Periodicals Section they include:
1. Browse current & bound periodicals.
2. Journal receipts & serial control
3. Getting help on locating a periodical in the Libraries.
Processes journal subscriptions and maintains budgets, accounts and statistics. 


Types of Materials
The Periodicals Section deals with the following items:

-      Newspapers

-      Magazines

-      Print Journals

-      Electronic Journals

-      Directories

-      Annuals

-      Yearbooks

-      Abstracts

-      Indexes


Borrowing of Materials
All materials by the Periodicals Section are For Room Use Only.

2. Libraries Deanship Home Page and the Periodicals Section are to be used to access e-journals.

3. Damaged or mutilated journals should be brought to the attention of the Periodicals Staff, so that the    necessary pages or issues may be reordered and repairs could be made.