Libraries & Techniques Deanship 
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 Technical Supervisory
Specializes in:
  1. Study the needs of information services, technologies, and educational instruments (Ex. MIS photography, multimedia production and educational, reference service, electronic information services, current awareness service, reserve materials, etc.) with the management of the Deanship, colleges, institutes and centers and their personnel, and working to provide in cooperation with the libraries of the Deanship .

  2. Measuring and evaluating information services and educational technologies provided by the library and technology units of the Deanship, and work to develop continuously.

  3. The preparation of explanatory materials such as handbooks and guides the various paper or electronic or Filmip to meet the needs of the Deanship and the beneficiaries of their services, in collaboration with the Center for multimedia, and various sections of the Deanship and its affiliates.

  4. Inventory and planning objectives, policies and regulations and procedural policies and plans adopted in the field of libraries, technology and network, and to work to develop, and identify obstacles and problems and working to overcome them, and raise performance levels in swear Deanship and its affiliates.

  5. Lay the foundations for cooperation programs (such as The Circle, and joint programs for the purchase and delivery of services, etc.) between the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training and various academic, research and other libraries in the areas of information and educational technologies, and work on their coordination with the departments concerned in the Deanship.